We are currently in Breckenridge for a family vacation. This was a Christmas present from someone being very generous. Evidently time together as a family is more meaningful than buying a bunch of gifts. Who would’ve thought? 🙂 Here’s to snowboarding the next few days with no injuries, yet being the Good Kind of Crazy on the slopes!

I find it fascinating the polarity between two news organizations: FOX and CNN. I could go even further and mention a few other channels, yet it would simply be Fox verses the rest. I’m sorry to disappoint, but I’m not going to “pick one” in this post. In fact, quite the opposite- I choose neither. Depending on where I am lately, one or the other is typically background noise. I find myself mesmerized by the “far left” verses “far right” way of covering the same news stories. Obviously we’ve had a few major stories lately, yet politically we’ve had one. I’d argue whether it’s a story at all given the very likely outcome, but they’ve certainly provided nonstop coverage.

I have very little interest turning on a television most days. I do love sports, so I’ll tune to watch my favorite teams live, or for a big game like this upcoming Sunday! I love a good movie, so I’ll set a couple hours aside each week to veg out. News though- umm no thanks! If something major is happening it’s nearly impossible not to hear about it these days given how connected we are via technology. Why do I need to watch the news when it’s available in an instant on my phone or computer?

Perhaps I’d watch to hear what I want to hear? Perhaps I’d watch to have something to complain about? Perhaps I’d watch just because I crave drama?

I know a few people who are constantly getting news updates from watching CNN or FOX. I’m talking daily! I had the thought the other day: why watch something just to hear what you want to hear? Why watch something just to affirm your far right or far left belief system? How boring. Yet at the same time, how comfortably predictable. I just don’t get it. I find it so psychologically intriguing why someone would listen to programing over and over just to hear the version of the story they agree with. Isn’t this easier than challenging your belief system with other trains of thought? I’m sure some tune into both networks to get their news. They get angry at one while feeling high and mighty listening to the other. I just feel so much hostility when I hear the background rhetoric. I usually just end up putting in my headphones and listening to music over hearing the noise.

I believe we have another choice every day. We can CHOOSE to live a life celebrating The Good News (The Gospel), or we can CHOOSE to live via the world. We can CHOOSE to tune into news that will divide us via our televisions or the internet; OR we can CHOOSE to spread The Good News that matters most, which brings us together. We have a CHOICE what lens we’re viewing the world through. I feel like the only news worth tuning into each day is THE WORD in THE GOOD BOOK. We get to CHOOSE how we feed our minds, our hearts and our spirits….

We can live for image, money, fame or accolades. We can even live for other people.


We can CHOOSE putting our faith in a relationship with God first. We can CHOOSE to walk with The Spirit. We can CHOOSE true JOY over sporadic/momentary happiness.

We don’t have to choose some phantom side. Sure, I have my opinions about each political side’s beliefs, but shouldn’t opinions be formed by fact-checking a theory with biblical references? The media seems to help divide the nation more than bring it together. I cannot recall anywhere in the New Testament where Jesus’ commands promote separation over oneness. We spend so much time arguing over the world, when we could simply be fighting to save more lives via ministry.

I have to constantly remind myself to LEAN IN TO GOD over getting caught up in temporary worries. I get to CHOOSE! Life is full of reasons to seek external pleasures, yet they’re all temporary in comparison to walking in a relationship with Christ Himself! We have a choice, and it’s often as polar opposite as FOX vs CNN. Our choice is simple: the world verses THE SPIRIT. External happiness verses internal JOY. This life or THE NEXT. Man verses DIVINITY.

BOTTOM LINE- WE GET TO CHOOSE! I pray for the strength to put my relationship with God before the world. I pray for the strength to put my ministry and my divine purpose above all else. I pray for strength to continue SURRENDERING my life over trying to control each outcome. I pray this for us all.

Wish us luck on the slopes! Follow me on Instagram for more updates and pictures: @Surrender_Project

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