Coronavirus and a Bible Verse

Welp, the Coronavirus has hit our shores, and in a big way. The mad dash to gather essentials left echoes throughout empty isles inside grocery stores. Restaurants and bars are closing down, or being mandated to prepare to-go orders only. Certain areas of the country are slowly creeping toward lockdown scenarios, perhaps we all are….


I was almost thirteen years old as I stood in the outfield of a baseball diamond in Carmel, Indiana. My team was playing for the state championship, and a chance to represent Indiana in the Little League World Series. We won that game. The journey of that summer was incredible. Winning our city tournament, followed…

God’s Work

Do people put you down? Does someone in your life dismiss your dreams? We can still choose to shine bright!

Mind Held Hostage

What an amazing day! I am always so pumped when November comes along, as I’m a sucker for the holiday season (LOVE IT)! Crazy to think Thanksgiving is already next week! Looking at local stores, you’d think we’ve been in the holiday season for over a month now given the plethora of Christmas decorations available…

A Whole Lot of Grey

Murph and I are settled into Indiana. If you’re visiting my site for the first time, just know that 100 days ago I started hitting my knees each day and surrendering my life to God. You can view the prayer from the home page. The beginning of writing this blog is one major result of…