Straight Lines

A journey back to my childhood, for lessons from grandma. What different perspective we have years later.

Day 4, Let it Come, Lake Tahoe Day 2!

Murph and I spent our 2nd full day at Lake Tahoe yesterday. Three words came to mind throughout the day: Expectations, Children and Fear…. First, I booked Zip Lining at 12 o’clock. When leaving my hotel room and hopping on a Lime scooter, I looked to the West and quickly realized a storm was brewing….

Day 2 And Two Halves

Murphy and I made it to South Lake Tahoe! We had quite the drive from Southern California. We stopped plenty along the way, for food, bathroom breaks and picture taking. I’ve included some pics of our journey below! Needless to say, it was a long day in the car, stemming roughly 8 hours. The first…