Envy is learned. Envy comes from needing to heal the conditioning the world creates to compare. Humility and grace, self-love, Jesus are answers.

Who’s Your Shepard?

Which flock are you part of? Jesus verses The World. I’ll take Jesus. Awareness is evolving on what’s happening, at least for me.

The Chase

Chasing external fulfillment or internal? Only one Thing truly quenches thirst. The choice is yours.


Ever feel stuck because of the stories you tel yourself? Unable to break the chains that hold you back. Chains that may not even be yours? Perhaps you’re there on purpose, or perhaps healing still needs to happen. Here’s to overcoming.

Peace, Happiness and Contentment

Almost four years ago I was left feeling empty after years of “success.” I couldn’t muster up the ability to write down any goals, only three words: Peace, Happiness and Contentment. Little did I know this was a pivotal moment in my life, as I entered my “Jesus Year.” I’m excited to say I can write down goals for the first time after a transformative few years of life!

Mind Held Hostage

What an amazing day! I am always so pumped when November comes along, as I’m a sucker for the holiday season (LOVE IT)! Crazy to think Thanksgiving is already next week! Looking at local stores, you’d think we’ve been in the holiday season for over a month now given the plethora of Christmas decorations available…

Hard to Smile

We just got back from our trip to Atlanta to see Luke Combs and Eric Church. We had a great time and the show was excellent! We made a little mini vacay out of the trip by making it a long weekend (Friday-Monday). While riding on the airport tram a thought crossed my mind as…

One Small Step

Follow your JOY, which is a beacon to your Divine Destiny!

Light Dimmers

I think we all have roadblocks that hold us back from being the best version of ourselves. I mean, we’re all human, so we all have struggles right? I have been thinking quite a bit about my “Light Dimmers.” These are any stumbling blocks between who I am today and the healthier spiritual, mental and…

My Favorite Part

Life is precious. I think most would agree with these words. As you can imagine, I’ve been asked quite a bit lately about my road trip. One common question- “what was your favorite part of the trip?” I think clarity comes over time, yet I from my perspective today my answer just might surprise some….