I think the word “stuck” is beyond applicable in 2020. I’m sure many readers can relate. This post isn’t about quarantine however, it’s about feeling stuck in other ways, or in life overall. I’m realizing that being stuck can be either temporary or long term. I believe there are spiritual reasons we feel stuck, stagnant, or frozen at different points in life. I also believe wounds can result in the same feeling.

I try to analyze where my motionless stems from whenever I’m feeling stagnant. My first priority is to make sure I cannot determine any reasons to link the feelings with past wounds, which could be prompting a story of fear, worry or anxiety in the present situation. Fear of taking another step forward is often linked to a story we’re telling ourselves, often stemming from irrational or unhealed past traumas. For example- if taking a leap of faith didn’t work last time, it certainly cannot work this time (aka- the story in our heads). Unfortunately, these types of stories can literally keep us from chasing a dream, from making a shift in life we know is better for our health, or even from stepping into a relationship that could soar if given the chance. We all have stories we tell ourselves. My mission is to locate, heal and remove any lies being told between my two ears (or others’ for that matter), in order to prevent prolonged and unnecessary stagnation.

The devil will surely lie to us, the Bible says so. Decades of life go by in seemingly the blink of any eye, yet we somehow seem to hold onto the pain along the way, even more than we remember the positives. The negative emotions from our past often run steadily beneath the surface, interfering with daily thought patterns and prompting direction without rationalization. The whispers of past failures that hold us back from our destiny. The worry and anxiety when contemplating a necessary change to better one’s health, family life or career; yet still one often remains stuck in a void. How do these irrational stories (lies) hold us back so often? I’m referring to major life alterations and decisions mostly, but even the small things (habits and routines) are often a result of previous experiences creating a prolonged thought pattern.

I’ll worry about working out tomorrow, what’s one more day after all.”

“I just need one drink to curb my stress from the day.” ….then…. “One more won’t hurt, it will help me sleep.”

“I can take the abuse, after all it could be worse. Some actually have it worse.”

I’m going to stay in at my job even if the stress is too much. I can’t imagine it’s better elsewhere and I remember the good times years ago, I’ll be loyal despite my family and health taking a back seat.

“I’ll worry about doing the right thing tomorrow. Jesus loves me anyways.”

These are just a few examples as I reflect. I’m sure we all have several situations where we’re telling ourselves stories that keep us right where we are, which often times is exactly where we aren’t supposed to be. Abusive relationships or jobs, stressful situations, never chasing a dream, and then despising those that do (because we truly despise ourselves for not doing). Being stuck is a choice, but it’s deeper than that, it’s a story we’re telling ourselves. The “I’m not good enough” voice in our head was picked up somewhere. I don’t think we’re simply born with negative self-talk, that’s created by this world! The “it will get better” even though years go by and it seemingly only gets worse is an excuse to avoid a necessary change. Funny how change often stops us right in our tracks due to fear. I can think of countless examples when someone musters up the courage to change even a small part of their life, which then results in a major transformation. Many never take those first steps though. These first steps of faith are often the hardest. The recognition to be aware enough to play witness to the why behind our refusal to move is a major first step.

A few things I’m working on…

Surrendering any feeling of being stuck to God. I’m also working on not letting Surrendering hold me even more stagnant. I still believe we have little steps of faith to take along the way, even if a massive situation has us seemingly frozen. We can remain faithful and courageous, even when feeling stuck, by taking these small strides forward while following our gut, heart and conscious.

I also refuse to be stuck due to someone else’s stories. I refuse to let others hold me back from chasing a more joyous life for myself. Sometimes those closest to us are the ones that can hold us back, often stemming from their own chains. I am working my hardest to avoid permitting anyone else, even those closest to me, to handcuff me to their compromised positions that are preventing them to break free from bondage.

I’m also trying to ensure I seek to understand anytime I’m feeling stuck. Is the current situation something I can control, even if merely my own perspective? Typically there is a move I can make today, even if simply a mental shift. Being stuck is often a self-told story, so deciphering that story to ensure I can overcome any chains that hold me back is my first priority.

Life has a way of storing up memories, pains and traumas that don’t just hurt us at the time. Our bodies store the same traumas if not fully healed, which also create future barriers to health and wellness (blocking our nervous system’s ability to fully operate). Mental and physical stories are created, which hold us back for years to come. I am fully dedicated to exploring, healing and overcoming anything that holds me back from God’s divine plan for my life. We aren’t meant to be stuck, we’re meant to fly. We need to unclip our wings and enjoy the ride of life. Perhaps looking at our “sticky situations” through a lens of uncovering a story, healing our past, and therefore finding renewed courage will prove helpful.

Perhaps someone is feeling stuck in little ways, or in a major way. I pray this helps you, as writing it helps me in my own situations of stickiness. I pray for healing and overcoming. I pray that I can continue to Surrender the rest. -Amen

Chase JOY. Live with NO REGRETS. Walk by FAITH. SURRENDER.

IG: Surrender_Project

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