Wow. I will always remember where I was when I heard the news today. I was struggling on the golf course (as usual lately), and I heard the news of Kobe’s tragic helicopter crash. All the sudden my crappy golf game didn’t matter much. What a shame. How surreal.

I think the world is truly sad by today’s news. Kobe was an icon. Kobe was a master of his craft. Kobe, in my humble opinion, was born to play basketball. Kobe was born to inspire. Kobe was born to lead. Kobe was born for so many wonderful reasons.

I had a few other topics drafted for today’s message, yet nothing felt right considering today’s news. I see so many friends, competitors, and the sports world overall reacting to the story of Kobe’s unexpected death. Writing about anything else just feels unparalleled in importance.

Every life is important. Nine people lost lives today, including Kobe and his daughter Gianna. We all are struck with shock given Kobe’s iconic status. We are all in disbelief. I haven’t felt this saddened by an unexpected celebrity dying since Paul Walker passed in 2013. I’m simply shocked by this devastating event.

I truly believe Kobe impacted more lives than we could possibly imagine, inspiring so many to be greater versions of themselves. Sports can be so inspiring to so many ages, and he was one of the greatest athletes to ever walk the face of the earth. Maybe even more impressive than his basketball talent was the impact he was making in the community after retirement. Kobe will be missed for much more than basketball, which says a lot given his phenomenal talent and drive. He is someone I will never forget and will forever associate with the game.

We are reminded today that life is precious. God creates us all for a reason. Kobe Bryant became a celebrity as one of the greatest basketball players of all time, and so much more. Reports have it that Kobe was full of grace, even when life was challenging. Kobe Bryant grew up a Christian and held his faith throughout his forty-one years. I’m glad he was saved. I’m glad he had FAITH. I’m grateful to have experienced him from the bleachers of life.

I pray for Kobe’s family. I pray that Kobe and Gianna Rest In Peace. I’m heart broken for them, for their family, and for their community. God- thank you for Kobe Bryant and the positive impact he made on so many. Thank YOU for the gift of grace to help comfort us in such tragic a time. Thank YOU for each and every moment in life, as we were tragically reminded today that every breath is a blessing. May we remember what matters most in this life: God, people and time!

RIP Kobe Bryant.

Image from CNN

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