Ashley McBryde’s Song: “Girl Goin’ Nowhere”

I have to admit, I’m a sucker for a good country music song. Literally some of my favorite moments in life involve country music to some extent. We’re headed to a couple of concerts over the next two weeks as a matter of fact, including seeing Luke Combs TWICE! And of course, another Eric Church show (5th this year- yes I’m serious)! It’s for charity in Atlanta this time, stop judging! 🙂

Obviously I’m a huge Eric Church fan. Anyone who has been following MY SURRENDER PROJECT for any length of time can attest, simply based on previous posts. One of my favorite posts of all time is still tagged as a favorite on my home page, about my road trip and an Eric Church concert. A few years ago I heard a live version of a song called “Bible and a .44,” by Ashley McBride, which was sung with Eric Church at one of his concerts. I soon learned how big of a fan Eric was of Ashley’s music, so I naturally checked her album out on Apple Music.

I found a song called “Girl Goin’ Nowhere” and was immediately filled with emotion. I’m a huge believer than when something resonates and brings forth emotion there is a legitimate reason. Music moves me more than any other form of entertainment. A message can be heard through music. Even more so a message can be felt. I literally feel emotion bubble up within when listening to certain songs. Beats can be catchy and melodies will catch my ear, yet the depth of lyrics is what keeps me coming back over and over.

The melody of “Girl Goin’ Nowhere” certainly caught my ear at first. Ashley McBryde has an incredible voice as well, which certainly helped. The overall vocal performance is stellar. I quickly heard what Eric Church found so appealing in Ashley as an artist!

I believe a major thing that separates this song is the authenticity of the lyrics. Ashley’s emotion pours through her vocal performance. This is a song about overcoming. Overcoming people telling her that she’d never make it in music. Overcoming the insurmountable odds of actually making it in music. Overcoming doubts, fears and other people’s limiting beliefs. At least this is my perspective of the song’s meaning.

Don’t waste your life behind that guitar
You may get gone, but you won’t get far
You’re not the first, you won’t be the last
And you can tell us all about it when you come crawling back
That road you’re on, just winds and winds
You’re spinning your wheels and wasting you’re time

Wow, what an incredible representation of the world telling us not to pursue our dreams. We are all limited to some extent by the conditioning of others projected into our own minds. I’m guessing someone told Ashley to stop wasting life by chasing her dream of music. I’m actually willing to bet it was someone important in her life. I’m willing to bet those words were said plenty of times as well. I’m willing to bet the idea of crawling back home after many failed attempts was painted over and over again in her mind by others.

I’m also willing to bet that someone(s) did believe in her. I’m willing to bet someone(s) instilled faith and encouraged her. I’m guessing her father was a voice of encouragement, given how she thanks him later in the song for buying her first guitar. She also goes on to thank her naysayers, as I’m assuming their disbelief helped fuel her faith and perseverance.

I’ve been working on another blog post called “Begging for Scraps,” which I’ll post over the coming weeks. Consider this a prequel to set the stage. Ultimately, it’s just crazy to think about how many other people have influence over our conscience and subconscious minds. We tell ourselves so many stories over and over, which were planted by others (often loved ones). The problem with these stories is that they usually project the limiting beliefs of that other person, which then get dumped into our belief system. The lack of feeling loved, lack of worthiness, lack of talent to accomplish our dreams, a scarcity mentality and so much more are literally seeds that were planted by other people in our lifetime. We certainly weren’t born with these beliefs about ourselves!

What if we went around spreading more abundance? What if we went around spreading more encouragement? I’m not saying be unrealistic with kids or loved ones, but I am saying it doesn’t hurt to encourage instead of discourage. It doesn’t hurt to help someone pursue JOY instead of projecting a limited belief system onto them, right? Why should anyone hold another back because our perspective is different? We all have stories we tell ourselves that get us stuck, why would we want to project that onto others?

The song still brings emotion when I hear Ashley transition into verse two, as the band slowly enters the mix behind her. I can imagine this moment when she’s on stage, portrayed incredibly well during the song…

“And then the lights come up
And I hear the band
And where they said I’d never be is exactly where I am
I hear the crowd
I look around
And I can’t find one empty chair
Not bad for a girl goin’ nowhere”

I must admit I sing along here and there. My version is always slightly modified though: “not bad for a GUY going nowhere.” The song is an inspiration. The raw emotion projects incredibly through this subtle, yet direct vocal masterpiece. I appreciate the vulnerability. I appreciate the story of perseverance. I appreciate the story of faith in oneself. I think I speak for many when I say I also appreciate the fact Ashley didn’t listen to those voices on the outside, yet instead listened to what was on the inside. She’s put out a few really great songs, take a listen if you haven’t. This is obviously an unsolicited plug. 🙂

I’m a big fan of stories where people pursue their true JOY. I’m a big fan of overcoming what others say and following your dreams, your gut and your heart! Sometimes we need to block the world out! I told someone I love dearly a few months ago about my blog, this person immediately changed the subject as if they didn’t hear me. I told another very important person shortly after, and they rolled their eyes and laughed while scoffing “a blog.” I like to think that as I continue to Surrender daily I’ll be guided to take this project where God wants it to go. I do know that I find joy in what I’m doing here. I do know that there are others who have reached out giving thanks, giving encouragement, and even sharing their stories and testimonies. You can scoff at my project, you can laugh, you can ignore, you can disbelieve. I realize your belief system and perspective were formed over time by others and are of this world, so I don’t blame you for your reactions. But I will continue to Surrender. I will continue to chase Joy. I will continue to listen to Him and not the world. I will continue to believe. I will continue to have faith. I will continue…

Thanks Ashley, you’re an inspiration.

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  1. Bobby says:

    I’ve been following your blog for a while now and look forward to every post. It’s my hope we meet someday as we have very similar beliefs and passions. I have a gift for you, as was just recently shared with me – YouTube search Dr Myles Munroe and watch the three part video series on the Kingdom Keys Principles. I PROMISE YOU, you’re belief and understanding will be forever uplifted and changed.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Awesome Bobby, I appreciate that. I’ll check it out for sure. Appreciate your support as always!


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