Purposeful Transition

HELLO FRIENDS! I’ve had a word on my mind a TON lately: SHEDDING. Some of my most anxious moments in life have come during periods of transition. Personally or professionally, anxiety tends to come with the unknowns of change.

Have you ever felt that change was on the horizon, yet you didn’t know exactly how things would turn out, leaving a helpless feeling? As many of you already know, I’ve suffered from Situational O.C.D. for many years, so anytime my desire for control creeps in, I recognize that it stems from the fear of an unwanted outcome.

I’ve had quite a bit of change in my life over the past few years. Often times change isn’t sudden, yet it’s gradual and takes time to evolve. I absolutely STRUGGLE with change when I cannot see or control how a situation will end. I want to know the outcome, otherwise fear can cripple both my mind and spirit. I’m getting better at handling situations like this, especially given my intentional prayers and the practice of SURRENDERING DAILY! I’m not immune however and still struggle at times with a desire to control. I guess I’m a “work in progress!” But hey, aren’t we all?!

I have been led to change the way I view these transitional periods of time. First, I believe God is working behind the scenes for all of us, assuming we let Him. I also believe there is often a reason why His timing is different than ours. I’ve come to realize that PURPOSE is often behind these periods of transition, allowing for transformation throughout…

Think about it this way. If you were going to meet the “person of your dreams,” would you rather meet them before you’re ready, or after? I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase: “timing is everything?!” Well, if you meet someone who seems to be “the one,” yet it’s not the “right time,” then said person probably isn’t “the one,” RIGHT? Obviously they aren’t if you’re not ready! If I want something to happen on my timetable in life, yet it doesn’t happen, it probably wasn’t supposed to- RIGHT? What if the lessons along the way are what sculpt us to be ready later on? What if instead of waiting for this person or event to happen, we embrace the time being RIGHT WHERE GOD HAS US? What if we stop living for the hope or fear of some future outcome, and we instead practice gratitude for the present season? Perhaps I’ve spent so much of my life trying to hold onto future results, that I’ve missed the growth opportunities that present themselves throughout periods of transition…

You’ve probably heard athletes say something to the tune of: “it’s all about the process.” We’ve all been in life situations where we’re not sure how something major is going to pan out. I’ve spent countless hours, days and even months trying to control what I wanted from these situations, usually from a place of fear. We all know fear is no place to truly LIVE from. When I spend all my time living in the future, maybe I’m missing out on the sculpting and shedding that is supposed to be happening within me today! In other words, it’s not about the end result as much as it’s about the process. Think about it, if God thought we were ready for some major change in our life, wouldn’t He bring it forth sooner? Doesn’t God, in His infinite wisdom, have timing a figured out more than me?!

I believe the shedding process is necessary for us to grow closer to God via becoming more spiritually mature and stronger in faith. I’m looking at times of transition from a different lens these days (or trying to). I keep feeling that the past few years have been designed for me to SHED the old, ego-centered, worldly version of myself. I believe periods of unknown, of change, and of transition are opportunities for us to sculpt ourselves and prepare for what’s ahead. Life has a funny way of changing. I’m sure you’ve heard something to the tune of “change is the only constant.” What if these periods of change are ON PURPOSE? What if instead of fearing an outcome, we lean into the process? What if we’re meant to be constantly using situations to transform and transcend to higher versions of ourselves? What if we’re supposed to be SHEDDING the outdated, spiritually immature versions of ourselves so we can truly RISE TO THE NEXT OCCASION?

I’m not as afraid of change anymore. I’m not as afraid of future uncontrollables- THANK GOD! I’m trying to view transition from a place of gratitude now more than ever. I believe God will deliver our future when we’re ready, not before. I believe our work is in trusting and SURRENDERING to Him throughout uncertain times. I believe we still need to put in the work to enhance our spirits today, in preparation for what God has in store for our future. I believe we need to embrace the process! I believe transition is meant to SHED broken pieces of ourselves. I believe if we Surrender future outcomes to Him, and trust His timing, we can live a more fulfilled today while allowing our present circumstances to mold and teach us necessary lessons.

Transition is hard. Staying present is hard as well, especially throughout change and transition! I pray we can all trust that we are where we are supposed to be for now. I pray we can all look for the sliver lining that we’re growing toward His future for us, not trying to manipulate our own. Perhaps an outlook of appreciation through transition, for the opportunity to SHED broken pieces of ourselves, will help some of you as it has me.

God bless you all! Much love!

For more pics and to fully experience the journey follow @surrender_project on Instagram!

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