Hey You…

Hey you out there… yeah- YOU reading this! I am writing this FOR YOU! Something within has inspired me to write YOU this very intentional message! If you’re reading this- I believe it’s for a reason! I’m writing you from this road trip, my adventure! I’m sitting here in South Carolina writing so YOU CAN READ THIS….

Let’s stop playing small. Let’s think bigger! Think of the vast spiritual force within you. Think of The Wind that blows YOUR sail. Think of how perfectly designed YOU are, by YOU KNOW WHO! Think of HIS designed life for you! Think of YOUR purpose on this planet being HIS PURPOSE for YOU!

Why are we here? I believe we are to impact through our evolvement as we draw closer in our relationship with God. The further away we are from OUR CREATOR, the further we are from our calling. I believe these two things are absolutely correlated. Our creativity and purpose flow based on our connectedness to Him. Can YOU see how this must be true?

Do you ever feel resentful, negative, self-pity, angry or sad? Of course you do, we all do. Ugh- the enemy. When you’re feeling this way can you look back and view the recent path you’ve been walking? Sure, sometimes those tough situations of life happen and we get derailed. Yet how derailed we get just might be related to how spiritually connected we are in those moments. Can YOU see that?

I 100% believe that the more connected we are to God, the more we fulfill our God-Planned Destiny in this world. I mean DESTINY too, a big word PACKED WITH MEANING! All parts of our destiny too- our impact spiritually, family life, our friendships, our career, the lives we touch, and the overall story we write through our lives!

Wake up! Wake up and get moving. Cliche warning- YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE! God made you for a purpose- His Purpose for YOU! He made us all with a purpose! You matter and your life can be grand! Don’t live for this world, live for God first and this world will be a brighter place because of YOUR IMPRINT! You will shine bright! Your energy will flow the way it’s supposed to. The aches, the heartaches, the pains, and that feeling of lingering emptiness that you cannot quite solve will all dissipate. You will be on His path for you. Surrender to HIM! Be different and be a guiding light for others to do the same!

This world cannot quench your TRUE thirst. There is no person in your life that can make you whole. There is nothing your career can do to complete you. There is no amount of money or anything money can buy that will fill that curious void we humans carry within us. GOD DOES THIS, PERIOD- LEAN IN!

I stumbled upon a verse today- Mark 8:36: “And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul?” Words from Jesus Himself- AMEN!

Sooooo…. as Carrie Underwood says- “Jesus, Take the Wheel!”

I’m grateful today. I feel empowered today. I feel CONNECTED today. Let’s wake up! Let’s surrender! Let’s try life a different way! Let’s lean in! Let’s shine bright! Hey.. are YOU with me?!

For more pics and to fully experience the journey follow @surrender_project on Instagram!

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