Day 4, Let it Come, Lake Tahoe Day 2!

Murph and I spent our 2nd full day at Lake Tahoe yesterday. Three words came to mind throughout the day: Expectations, Children and Fear….

First, I booked Zip Lining at 12 o’clock. When leaving my hotel room and hopping on a Lime scooter, I looked to the West and quickly realized a storm was brewing. I immediately thought to myself, “there is no way they’re going to let me zip line if that’s coming this way.” I indulged on the 2 mile scooter ride toward Heavenly Resort, where sure enough they had shut down activities for the day. I’ve never Zip Lined before and I was really looking forward to trying; however God had other plans for me. I was slightly bummed as I walked away, even though I received a full refund. I had plans! I was zip lining today! What the heck?!

Expectations often lead to disappointment. I’ve found this across a plethora of situations. I’ve especially found this to be true when expectations are placed on others, just a side note. I’ve even found it true on days like yesterday when something completely out of my control (the weather) crept in to steal my thunder! I moseyed back to my hotel room, let Murph out and sat for a few minutes wondering what to do next. I was going to be adventurous today, that was my plan! I was going to subdue my fear of heights and be the good kind of crazy! Nope- detour time….

I decided to hop on a Lime scooter again and head the other direction, West toward Emerald Bay, where I had yet to spend any scooter time. I figured a long scooter ride along the bike bath wouldn’t hurt- and I was right! I remember pressing my speed to the nearly 15 mph max speed on the scooter when I found myself grinning ear to ear while cackling aloud. All of the sudden I thought of a verse, Mathew 19:14, where Jesus said “Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.” I don’t know how many adults out there have tried the new phenomenon of electric scooters, but they are FUN! I’ve enjoyed these scooters since the first time I tried them in Denver a couple months ago. I cruised up and down that bike path for miles today with no agenda and nowhere I needed to be, which was nice for a change. I had fun. I was like a child again. I was open to whatever came my way, instead of trying to control what happened next or building up expectations of what my afternoon should look like.

I believe Jesus was referring to us being un-programmed, unconditioned by the world, open-minded and open-hearted. I believe we all need to experience life like children sometimes. We can simply stop “adulting” in the not such fun ways- like worrying, being fearful, anxiousness, trying to control, building up expectations, etc.! We could simply just let each day come to us instead of needing to control each day’s outcome before it even gets here. Yesterday was a lesson in being present and letting go of expectations. I felt good going with the flow. My afternoon was nice, despite “my plans” being rained out. I still got to feel like a kid again. I’d say that’s a win!

I ended the night for dinner at an Irish pub right by my hotel. All of the sudden a couple in their fifties sat down next to me. They were also staying at the hotel. Apparently they had just arrived from Oregon, Idaho and Montana. These are 3 of the next 4 states I plan to visit! We talked for over an hour. I even brought Murphy to meet them, given he’s an avid dog-rescuer. They spoke so highly of Coeur d’Alene, ID that I’m changing my plans and headed that way this Sunday after my time in Bend, Oregon. I am even saving a few hundred bucks by making the change. They gave me so much good information and seemed inspired by my road trip. I feel like I was supposed to meet this couple. Perhaps this blog will impact them some way, perhaps not, but either way I’m grateful we met.

Here’s a picture of Murph at the pet friendly bar. As you can see, he’s curious why he’s not getting service considering it was “pet friendly.” 🙂

Murphy and I just arrived in Bend, Oregon this afternoon, what epic scenery. I love the pine trees and look forward to sharing some pictures over the next few days. I’m playing in a 4 day golf tournament here before heading East to Idaho and Montana. I’m still feeling grateful and blessed today, as I found myself thinking and reflecting a lot on my 8 hour drive. Still learning and navigating life’s little reminders like the zip line shutting down, yet keeping a positive attitude and limiting expectations by living in the moment. Yesterday was a Murphy day, making up for lost time all those years I worked such long hours. I’m loving life and I’m pretty sure he is too!

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