Day 1 And Happy Tears

Well, day 1 is in the books! We traveled just over 5 hours from Scottsdale, AZ to Victorville, CA. The goal- to get roughly 1/2 way to South Lake Tahoe. There are two ways to get to Lake Tahoe from Phoenix- through Las Vegas, or West toward LA and then up through central California. I chose the more scenic route, the latter.

I learned a couple things today. First- I definitely experienced a lot of joy as I was leaving Arizona for a while. Granted, 110 degree temperatures certainly warrant an escape to cooler climates. I was also excited because for the past 3 years I’ve wanted to take a journey like this. I think part of me was just thrilled I finally took the leap to get in the car and drive! I haven’t always known where, in fact I still don’t have part of this trip planned, yet I know my WHY. A deeper Connection. Learning to live more fully. Hanging out with my 15 year old pup while he still has time, and spoiling him along the way! Spending time with myself and working on myself. Feeling inspired throughout. There are so many reasons why Murphy and I hit the road today. I also learned that Murph loves Puppuccinos from Starbucks! Evidently we’re both going to be addicted to Starbucks by the end of this trip! Below is a pic of Murph about thirty minutes after, in a “whip cream coma!” 🙂

I’ve been wanting to write about HAPPY TEARS for a while now. I’m not sure we give enough credit toward the positive emotions that occasionally protrude down our cheeks. Being emotionally moved, inspired, and feeling true joy that actually morphs into tears is pretty awesome. I’m just saying, maybe we should explore those tears a bit more?!

Music! I am emotionally moved by music in a positive way more than just about anything in my life. I have HAPPY TEARS when listening to and singing music quite often. Songs just have a way of hitting me with the depth and raw emotion of lyrics. Yesterday I listened and sang along for the entire 5+ hour road trip. Usually I’m a sucker for a good podcast or audio book, but during my drive I just felt the pull to connect musically. I don’t know why, but I just feel like perhaps I’m supposed to explore involvement in music, even if only as a hobby! I’ve had a dream of playing on a stage one day- just me and a guitar, for years. I’ve always had the dream of singing on a show like American Idol or The Voice. Yeah- I’m being serious, haha. Perhaps one day I’ll play in a bar. Maybe I’ll play at small venues or at special events. I might just keep singing in my car, house or as I work like I have up to this point in my life?! Who knows what the future holds. I’ve got a guitar story for you sometime soon though. I also have some lyrics I’ve been working on, sometimes they just come to me and now I’m actually writing them down! I’m going to follow my happy tears around music because I know one day I’ll regret it if I don’t, and I’m absolutely committed to living with NO REGRETS!

What brings you happy tears? What makes you emotionally burst from the seams in a good way? How can you lean into those positive emotions and explore involvement with whatever inspires and moves you deeply? Maybe reading a good novel, seeing a good play/movie, or seeing others’ lives transformed brings you tears of joy? Perhaps you are moved by helping others overcome obstacles or addictions, or seeing wishes come true? Maybe bringing others to Faith moves you, or volunteering/serving others? Whatever it is, why not cry a bit more often, in a good way? Why don’t we all move toward our happy tears and see what happens! Maybe those tears are there for a reason!?

Day 2 here we come, we’re heading North!

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