You’ll Want Your Mondays Back

Have you ever asked someone how they are and they mutter something referencing the day of the week? Maybe it’s – “ugh, just another Monday,” or they might say “thank God it’s Friday (TGIF)!”

I’m willing to bet when we’re on our death bed that we’d do almost anything to go back and relive our Mondays. I mean really LIVE them from a mindset similar to how we treat Fridays and weekends. I’m often perplexed that so many people actually dread over 14% of their lives because of a day’s label. Let’s be real though, the day of the week isn’t the problem…

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that a full week of work ahead of you can be a tad daunting, perhaps borderline depressing. I equate it to the first few minutes of a spin class, or a similar high-intensity workout. I believe the first few minutes are the hardest. I don’t mean it’s harder to ride the bike, quite frankly these are some of the easiest minutes because my legs are fresh. I find that my mindset is most in jeopardy in the early minutes of a high intense workout because I know I have 45 minutes of agony in front of me. You’d think quitting with 10 minutes left, when my legs are on fire, would be easier than quitting at the beginning though, right? I mean at least I did most of the class at that point! Surprisingly some of my most productive times are toward the end of my workouts, when I’m physically exhausted, yet my mind/heart get me through despite the pain. I wonder what day of the week is most productive at work, or in life overall?! Probably has something to do with our mindset each day, along with the spiritual energy we’re projecting.

What’s so bad about Monday? Nothing. Frankly, often times I don’t even know what day of the week it is. How much of your Monday-Friday schedule do you find Joy in? Honestly, periods of time when I didn’t focus on my strengths led me to hate Mondays because of the ensuing week. Can you imagine looking back one day wishing you could “redo” 14% of your life? That’s about 1/7 of your life wrapped up in one word- “Monday.” Imagine how badly you’d want to change your circumstances to find more joy every single day of life if you knew your days were numbered. What if next Monday was your last? I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be treated with such negativity. What if we didn’t spend so much time focused on not wanting to be right where our feet are, and instead focused on changing the underlying issues that make Mondays so crappy in the first place?

We don’t get time back. We don’t get another chance at joy and happiness. We have the present moment and we can determine what changes need to be made to find more JOY in our TODAY! I wrote a piece called 95% Joy several weeks ago- still one of my favorites. I can completely tell when I speak with someone within the element of their career/job who really find JOY in what they do. I can also tell RIGHT AWAY if they’re miserable, or even worse faking being happy and going through the motions. The LARGEST form of compensation you can get from your job/career is JOY. Money isn’t the compensation that matters the most, it’s just a bi-product, and perhaps a measurement when you’re DOING WHAT YOU LOVE. When you find alignment with the career/job that GOD DESIGNED YOU TO DO- it gives JOY! I believe money will always be a place of friction if you’re not enjoying your career. This doesn’t mean one can’t still make a lot of money doing something they don’t find joy in, but they may be under the false belief that “some amount of money” will eventually fulfill them. Nope!!! I know plenty of wealthy people who are miserable and still believe chasing more money will finally bring Joy. Sad, they’re missing out on the journey of joyful fulfillment along the way.

Joy comes when we’re in alignment with our TRUE CALLING. Our God given calling! I have a feeling that we won’t be worried about dreading a hefty percentage of our lives if we actually find JOY in what we do. I believe our “joy-ometer” related to our career/job/hobbies is directly correlated to whether we’re doing what our spirit is calling us to do. Whether we’re using the skills God blessed us with, skills He entrusted us with, and skills He is counting on us to use for His greater plan.

My belief- the more we aren’t finding JOY in what we do, the more we’re not in alignment with what He’s created us to do. I don’t want to look back after years and years of life and think to myself, “wow, it was a great run, but I sure could’ve found more Joy throughout my journey.”

Today is a new day, draw a line in the sand. What do you enjoy doing? Go do that or take a step! And if money is the reason you cannot, there is no excuse for having a game plan to shift yourself into a happier place in the future. Surrender to God and ask for help. Just stop creating excuses from a human perspective. God is BIG enough, and when He created us with skills/traits designed for a Bigger Purpose, I’m guessing He wasn’t really concerned about our human conditions that are keeping us from fulfilling His Superior Design for our lives.

Let’s enjoy all days of the week. Let’s not limit our joy. Go SOUL SEARCH…. not the social media version of these words, but the REAL VERSION of SOUL SEARCHING. Perhaps try starting with “Dear God, I surrender my life to YOU….”

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