Spiritual or Worldly Lenses?

I recently purchased a new pair of sunglasses. I bought them for the usual reasons we buy sunglasses- I needed a new pair and liked how they fit my face. The best part about these glasses wasn’t discovered until the first time I wore them while walking outside. The particular tint of the lenses made colors radiantly pop like I’d never seen before. Honestly it’s like I’m seeing green for the first time again, the view is that special.

These particular lenses got me thinking. Over the past couple of years I’ve experienced periods of time where I felt like I was seeing the world from a spiritual vantage point rather than a worldly one. Similar to the sunglasses, the view is crisper and colors shine brighter. When I’m tuned into The Spirit within, I simply see the world differently. Everything from how I see other people (their behaviors), to how I see/feel more at peace internally, to how I view the beauty of nature are all drastically different. I can literally feel the shift in myself when I “take my spiritual lenses off,” usually without realizing it right away. The world has a way of bringing you back to the human level, back to the level of worry, fear, anxiety, expectations, ego and all of the other worldliness life tends to provide. Just like I need to keep my sunglasses close while living in the sunshine state of Arizona, I need to have my spiritual shades with me at all times.

The analogy is simple yet is helpful for me. I actually have been thinking about “putting my spiritual lenses on” when I feel like I’m getting disconnected. Protecting my spiritual growth, my connection to God and shining bright to impact others is too important to become blinded by the world we live in. My spiritual lenses are put on through prayer, reading, gratitude, meditation, or even a simple walk in nature while focusing on being present. These are the ways I can get back the perspective of greater peace and harmony when I feel like I’m drifting away. I have to conscientiously and consistently put my spiritual shades on day after day, sometimes multiple times throughout. Just like any other habit, my habits of tuning in need to be intentional. I need to have my “spiritual shades” ready when I step into the world, just like I have sunglasses ready when I’m headed outdoors. If only keeping spiritually connected was as simply as the slight motion of sliding sunglasses onto my face!

What lenses are you seeing the world from? I’d guess we mostly see from a worldly perspective, at least from my experience. I prefer the more peaceful, bright and loving view of my spiritual sight. I realize maintaining this vantage point is easier said than done. I wish I could literally just pick up some shades and be in a divine spiritual state, yet this kind of power isn’t meant to be that easy for us to tap into. I think this takes real work, faith, discipline and REAL DESIRE to connect for us to be tuned in enough to truly live consistently in Spirit! I’m betting on this though- the view is brighter, our perspective is more peaceful, and we flow with more harmony seeing life through a Connected place vs. a disconnected one.

Might seem simple, but a pair of sunglasses got me thinking about the difference in how I view my surroundings based on how Connected I feel at the time. I figured a thought worth sharing. Have a blessed start to the week!

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