Today is June 1st, one month of hitting my knees and saying my personal surrender prayer to God. I’m doing my best to surrender EVERYTHING to HIM each day, how freeing! Something struck me hard today- what if money had no relevance on what we decided to do with our career, our lives, or our true calling? When we were kids parents/grown-ups often asked “what do you want to be when you grow up?” I’m sure we all remember hearing this question. Do you remember your answers? I think back then I probably said “professional baseball player” more than any other answer. Yet, the whimsical dream that anything was possible was actually somewhat real from a child’s perspective. Any doubt we had when we said our answer would’ve been instilled within us by whatever “story” that was given to us by others (often the same parents/adults). Any lack of belief/confidence as children was most likely a false agreement created between our mind and someone else’s spoken words, unfortunately!

What if we could get back to having whimsical imagination and actually believe anything is possible again? What if we could “chase the stars” and fully believe in ourselves like we’re designed to? What if we could pursue dreams from a child-like perspective? AND- what if our answer had nothing to do with money or priorities? Perhaps 90% of us are missing our true calling, maybe more? How many decided to be a doctor, lawyer or went into sales because that’s where the money was, or that’s what we felt (or were told) was best per our parents or families? I wrote a piece called 95% joy where I touch on this subject, but today I want to have a bit more fun, so dream with me a little….

My question- what are the top 5 things you would do as your career/true calling if the need/desire for money, lifestyle, image, status or even simply the financial priorities as a parent/care-taker were of zero relevance? What would you want to be when you “regrow up?” What are the dreams you would chase?

Here are mine:

  1. Be a professional singer/song-writer/guitarist
  2. Be a professional golfer
  3. Novelist/Blogger/Storyteller
  4. Travel & Adventure Seeker (perhaps even tie this into writing/blogging)
  5. Own a gym/wellness center for body & spirit, helping people realize how spiritual, mental and physical health are forever intertwined.

What’s stopping you from taking one step toward one of YOUR dreams? I look forward to sharing more about how I’m making strides toward mine above, all while surrounding the outcome to Him!

I’d love to know yours! Have an awesome & blessed weekend! – Dustin

IG: @surrender_project

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