Surrender Project Update

Three weeks into this journey and I’m still excited about the future. I can say as I reflect on the past few weeks one word stands out- resonate. I think the intentional focus around the project and attempting to truly surrender all areas of my life (to be best of my human ability) is helping bring clarity to areas that require my focus. The majority of time I’m simply trying to be present as my days go by, which allows me to be open to be in a place able to receive. Ideas simply resonate within me throughout my days and I make notes to share. Certain quotes, scriptures, passages in books I read, situations with others or even thoughts surface and I simply feel a pull to express myself. This is the methodology I’m using as I navigate when and what to write. I hope the more I tune into my spirituality the more I’ll be able to truly feel these “pulls to share,” which I believe will be the case. I’m just a few weeks into what I believe will be a very long journey of surrendering and I’m more amped than ever about the future!

May something resonate within each of us to surrender a bit more of our desire to control the future, so we can enjoy greater peace within each present moment.

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