Surrender Project: Week 1 Update

I’ve spent a week getting on my knees early each morning and reciting my surrender prayer. I must say excitement is building for this blog and my overall future. I think other people can sense the slight shift in me as well. Last week an acquaintance of mine gave me some words of encouragement, whether he meant to or not. He basically referred to my spiritual energy about 5 years ago compared to the peace he senses now. This gentleman works for a faith-based non-profit and I like to think he has some solid credibility when it comes to knowing people and their energy, given he spends nearly all of his working hours in the community he serves. He simply wanted me to know he’s happy I’ve come so far, which made him smile, and then of course had the same effect on me.

I’d say if anything has really changed over the past week since I wrote my surrender prayer (May 1st), it’s been the slightly enhanced inner-peace knowing this is the path for me. The same peace I suppose anyone would experience when they are consciously accepting a fate without control due to surrendering to The higher power. The Surrender Project will have its’ own category moving forward and will have a weekly update for the foreseeable future. I leave you with this question- what are you surrendering to each day?

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